Thursday, April 16, 2015

reckless driving

In the book fault in our stars Agusts is out side puts a cigarette in his mouth (but doesn't life it) then Hazel starts yelling at him then he tells her the metaphors of the "killing thing".  Then Hazel soon gets in August waters car then he starts driving but the only thing is that he is a weariness driver.   My thought is I think the instructors not have let him drive I'm scared for both of them.  My reaction was to the cigarette scene I would feel the same way but at least I would tell her first.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The fault in our stars (sob sob)

In the book fault in our stars August wont stopping looking at Hazel.  Soon after they have there starring contest everybody is to tell everybody there fears and August said OBLIVION.  Then Hazel started thinking to her self how this boy was cute then hot etc.  My Question is who is not afraid of  OBLIVION (well actually dying death who is not afraid of death and.........why?).  My reaction is a little tiny romantic there and curiosity.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

forget Jeanine run

Okay well I like to go to one book to another so Tris,  Tobias ,Christine and some other friends were at a table eating and disusing about something (idk because tris wasn`t paying any attention) until tris ran up to the roof, and saw Jeanine and Tobias ran after her then tobias realized there were dauntless traitors around them.   My reaction is I think if tris knew something she should have brought more back up except for tobias running after her.

fnaf 2 song

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kill or be killed

Okay I'm reading Allegiant it is the third book in the divergent series.  So Tris and four (aka Tobias) and some other friends like Christine and Tori were walking there going to leave Chicago and Tori keeps walking faster until she gets shot in the stomach (I forgot to tell you that its dark out).  My reaction was well I knew someone was going to die but since Tori was walking faster I thought that she teamed up with the dauntless traitors but it was also stupid because I thought they should have knelled down so they wouldn't be shot.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nuculear war

OK so I went to a different book because it started to be incorporate so I went to this book called called the White King it`s about this kid and his friend were practicing for a game coming up but the kids friend kept trying to get the ball but his face kept hitting his face against the grass and the main character said after 3 minutes it was a pond of blood.  So every body took a break and the  1 police man came gave him and his friend a white pill then talked about gases and chemicals and how it could kill them and yeah.  When they both came back the main character got slapped in the face for ling to the coach and saying "he said nothing". My reaction was mostly the slap to the face from a coach is that even legal?  My question is why they would still make the game go one if something bad happened?

Kablog night evenly

In the begging of the book this boy is on this train with his father and other JEWS and his father has a piece of bread size of a quarter and everybody is hungry so the kid goes up and ask his father if he could have a piece but the father said no so the boy was forced to kill his father if he wanted to survive.  My reaction is that is sad but wow just wow killing your own father for a piece of bread( that`s pretty harsh to have some food).  My question is why cant he knock him out instead of killing him?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

sorry late for color essay. Blue brings calm, life ,and songs to dance to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue is my favorite color because it represents water in my life, the song blue and swimming.

The color blue represents water in my life.  I like to hear the ocean wave hit against the rock and make noise to me its pretty calm.  Water (blue) also brings life for example crops food (same thing) etc.  also once after i`m done with practice (gymnastics) I drink water so I won`t be dehydrated which is sometimes blue.

                                                           psst hint below link to song!
The color represents a song called blue I find it interesting OK to listen and kinda dance to.  I like this song cause I sometimes feel like this and I know how this person feels.  I like the song blue because it sounds electronic (I love electronic songs) and I love fast songs so much.

Also I like wearing blue not only cause I look good in it but the color blue also calms the brain and i think it is true it could be one of one of those things like tell you a lie but your brain tells you its totally real.  It makes me feel calm cool refreshing and sometimes dull and sad.